Wednesday January 16, 2019
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Weight lifts cure memory loss

Updated | July 16, 2017 13:35 IST

Till now, everyone knows weight lift exercises will not only tone your body but also strengthen muscles. Now there has been an exciting revelation made by Finland scientists about weighting lifting exercises.

Through several types of research, they’ve found a cure for the memory loss where most of the people fall to its when they grew older. Especially this problem is largely seen at Old age. In their research, the problem of memory loss is very low on those who do these weight lift exercises lying on a flat table.

Finland scientists made a study to 200 people for a long time. Among these two hundred, some who do weight lift exercises regularly whereas some do normal exercises. Later their memory power was examined after they entered into old age. 

The researchers have found diminishing the memory loss qualities for a large extent in those who have done weight lift exercises whereas there is no improvement in the condition of those who have done regular exercises.

So, guys, you've to go for intense weight life exercises without any second thought for the better memory even at your old age.


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