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What are the reasons behind sex drive crashing in men?

Updated | September 11, 2017 07:53 IST

Nowadays, sex problems are commonly seen in the age between 25-40 due to a lot of factors.  The main reasons are work pressure, excess consumption of alcohol and smoking. Besides this, there is no proper physical exercise for the body.

The sex drive is crashing massively in the current generation. Besides this, people concentration is more on becoming rich and eventually forgetting themselves that they not only become aloof but also their loved ones. All these qualities diminish the interest in sexual life.

In some cases, even they feel like doing but they don’t ejaculate. Sometimes, they ejaculate very fast.  All these symptoms or problems will result due to above-said reasons. When a person is exhausted, he may find it difficult to get a firm erection and even if he achieves penetration and thrusts coitally he may not reach the peak of sexual excitement. 

The lack of penile rigidity will result in inadequate penovaginal friction and consequently delay the attainment of sexual peak. Adding to this the consumption of excess alcohol will numb the nerves and make it difficult to get a firm erection. 

The stress and alcohol consumption are the main killers of sex drive.


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