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Why TDP MLA has met that Film Star?

Updated | April 25, 2017 17:47 IST

A TDP Leader’ meeting with Film Star, Jagapathi Babu become a talk of the town in both film and political circles. Later it spread like a wildfire as Jagapathi Babu is soon to make a political entry. Regarding this, both Jagapathi Babu and TDP Repalle MLA has given clarity as their meeting is of more like a friendly one. 

TDP MLA, Anagani Sathya Prasad has met Jagapathi Babu and talked for almost two hours. The MLA who came to know that Jaggu Bhai was in town for the film’ shooting has met the actor in the hotel after the day’ shoot. The actor was in Krishna district for Boyapati Srinu’ latest film shooting.

Jagapathi Babu has expressed his happiness over meeting his childhood friend, TDP MLA, Sathyaprasad and said it as a friendly meet. Later, TDP MLA told that there have been many locations in Krishna district which were convenient and more suitable for film shooting. 

He said Penumudi, Dindi, Nakshatra Nagar, Lankavani Debba etc. have some amazing and beautiful locations for the shooting of the films.