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Zee Essel group aims to buy Agrigold assets - Tollybeats

Zee Essel group aims to buy Agrigold assets

Updated | September 12, 2017 18:15 IST

Zee Essel group has come forward to buy the assets of Agrigold. Today, the Agrigold case comes to hearing in the High Court. During the inquiry, Zee Essel group consents its interest in buying the assets of Agrigold.

However, the High Court has questioned Essel that how much money will they deposit. On replying to High Court, the representatives of Zee Essel said that how will they deposit money without knowing the facts of Agrigold.

The High Court which has ordered the CID to present the details of 5,000 and 10,000 rupees depositors of Agrigold has postponed the next hearing to Thursday.

As per the government statistics, the value of the Agrigold assets is worth Rs. 3,000 crores/- whereas the market value is Rs.10,000/- crores. The total Agrigold arrears are Rs.6,000/- crores.  The Agrigold victims are anticipating that the Essel group will buy the assets as per the market value then their arrears will be cleared.


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